Making The Highest Quality, Handmade Leather Goods in Northern Wisconsin

Hutch Leather Works is a small family business that focuses on detail and uses top quality leather and materials in its handmade leather products. Everyone asks “How did you get started doing leather?” The man in the picture below (Richard Fish) made a set of saddle bags and I asked him to make me a set. He told me no, make your own. So….on a cold winter day he sat me down and showed me how to cut it out and sew it all together. I felt this was a passion to me immediately and started making things for myself and as people seen my items they asked me to make products for them. We have expanded from a small room in our home to a store front and of course, stepped out into the world wide web (which I fought until my wife convinced me it’s the way of the world)! Visit and like our Facebook page – HUTCH LEATHER WORKS.